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💧 Water Damage Solutions

Oregon sure can get wet! If your device has been submerged in liquid immediately power it off, DO NOT CHARGE IT, and bring it to a technician ASAP. The best odds of saving the device are sooner rather than later. We diagnose water damaged devices for free, and you can decide if the repair is worth it after we've provided you with the quote.

Some new devices offer a degree of water resistance but the fine print tends reads something like: "up to 10 feet for the first year." Like many things in our world, water resistance weakens and deteriorates over time. If you are the owner of a new device with strong water resistance or proofing, it's likely safe to ignore the bold and underlines in the previous paragraph. No promises though!

Once water enters modern phones, it is very difficult for it to exit. Even if you've waited days or stuck the device in perfectly good rice, there could still be water inside. If the water has fully evaporated, chances are the water was not 100% pure and minerals have been left behind on the delicate internal circuits, which encourages the development of corrosion. It's common for a water damaged device to be powered back on and function for several hours before the motherboard shorts out and the device no longer boots up. This greatly increases the cost and time of a repair and reduces the odds of the device being repairable. Are there rice success stories? Sure, but the real question is...are you feeling lucky?

⚡ Charge Port Cleaning

We always clean out charge ports for free and it usually takes us only a couple minutes. Often times, customers don't believe us when we tell them a device that refuses to charge may simple have a dirty, dirty charging port! It's extremely common for ports to become full of pocket lint and untold mysteries.

Please refrain from cleaning the port yourself because it is delicate and easy to damage. When damaged, the quick, free fix because a less quick, paid repair where we must open up the device and replace the charging port. In some devices, the charge port is soldered to the motherboard, which requires a more invasive and laborious repair.

🛡️ Screen Protectors

We offer screen protectors for most devices, they start at $10 including installation. Please call ahead to check that we have the correct screen protector in stock for your device.

📦 Mail-In Repairs

Live far away? We accept mail-in repairs. Please contact us before shipping at (503) 944-9448.

Mail to:

iChihuahua Repair
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🤝 Bulk & Enterprise Repairs

We offer wholesale rates to businesses and organizations that need a high volume of service for fleets of devices. Please contact us for more information.

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