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Common Repairs

What to expect from our most common repairs with links to repair specific pricing.

For full pricing lists, please visit our pricing page.

For our warranty, please visit our policies page.

📱 Broken Screen

Good news! Cracked glass, crazy colors, dead spots, and ghost touches can be fixed! We offer a flat, per device, rate for all variety of damaged screens. The average mobile phone screen repair takes 1-2 hours, tablets 1-2 business days, and laptops 2-5 business days. Turn-around time depends on how busy we currently are and can exceed these ranges.

🪫 Failing Battery

The most common sign of a failing battery is decreased battery life--the worst we've ever seen was 1 text message per full charge! When you arrive at our store, we will run a test to determine the health of your battery. For devices that are at a high risk of motherboard defects, we will run a diagnostic on the charging circuit as well.

In determining battery health, we look at cycle count and compare the battery's current max (real) capacity to its original design capacity.

For at home battery health monitoring, we recommend Coconut Battery for Apple devices and AccuBattery for Android devices.

⚡ Charging Issues

If your phone won't charge like, at all, it may need the charge port replaced. Slow charging may be related to the battery. Sometimes, it's the charging circuit itself that is the problem. Other times, the port is simply dirty and needs a cleaning, which we do for free.

📸 Camera & Camera Glass

The glass covering the rear facing cameras are prone to damage due to not being flush with the back of the phone. They often take the brunt of the phone landing on the back. The camera glass protects the extremely sensitive cameras from outside elements. It takes very little dirt, dust, or moisture exposure to damage your camera. If your camera glass is cracked we recommend immediately covering it with packing or scotch tape to prevent further harm. We would love to avoid having to service your rear camera or rear camera glass as much as you do, but if either is in need of replacement, we can repair them and offer bundle pricing for both.

🥂 Back Glass & Housing

Most current smart phones have a glass back that is easily damaged on impact. It is our goal at iChihuahua to provide repairs that restore the phone as close to original quality as possible. In many cases, a Full Housing Replacementis our solution to broken back glass. Full Housing Replacements allow us to restore durability, dust and moisture resistance and cosmetics far closer to original standards than other methods. This repair does require an appointment due to the amount of time and labor involved.

⛈ Water Damage & Data Recovery

Please visit our services page for more information.