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iChihuahua Repair | Policies

iChihuahua Policies

📃 Warranty

We offer a warranty on the parts replaced against defect, barring physical damage or liquid damage, for the lifetime of the device. Workmanship is covered to a degree as well.

Our warranty is voided by any liquid damage to the device.

Lifetime of The Device

The lifetime of the device is the average duration in years that we would expect the specific make and model of the device to function properly in reasonable conditions.


What do we mean by our workmanship is covered to a degree? All devices that enter our store have a history that we cannot know.

  1. We cannot warranty the workmanship of outside repair attempts by other stores or technicians.
  2. We cannot warranty the life that the device leads outside our business. Poor quality cables may have been used to charge the device. It may have taken a fall in the sink or tumble in the dryer.
  3. Passcodes/passwords are required for us to be able to test our workmanship after a repair. If an accurate passcode/password is not provided to us before or during repair, we will not be able to test our workmanship.

Carrier & First-Party Warranties

  1. Carrier and first-party warranties may be void if we service your device.
  2. Any claims of water resistance or water proofing are void after we service a device.
  3. We assume that you are aware of all financing, trade-in, and warranty agreements with your carrier or first-parties.


We are not responsible for your data. Every device that we service has a backup feature. We assume that if your data is valuable, your device will enter our store already backed up. We don't anticipate the loss of any data but we will not be held responsible for any data loss.

Thank You

We take great care to prevent warranties by staying up to date with the repair industry news, investing in modern tools, and testing the functionality of parts after we've installed them. If a part that we installed is not functioning properly, we will investigate the cause and replace faulty parts at no expense to you other than a trip to our storefront.

🔐 Passcodes & Passwords

We respect your privacy and will only ever use your passcodes and passwords for the express purpose of servicing your device. We will treat your private data as if it were our own by never sharing it. We will only access your device in order to test that new parts function properly, that old parts don't, or to troubleshoot your device settings with your permission.

If you don't want to provide your passcode, we understand and will still repair your device in most cases. However, be aware that we will not be able to test original/replacement parts or our workmanship without access to your device. Not providing your passcode is like taking your car to the mechanic and refusing to give them a key to start it.

🚫 Canceled Repairs

Sometimes it's simply the end of the line for a device. If your device is unrepairable, we will not charge you (unless otherwise agreed upon) and you can pick it up for free. If you'd like to cancel a repair, let us know and we'll return it to you in disrepair.

After cancelation, if you do not retrieve your device from our store within 3 months, we no longer guarantee its return to you. Thousands of devices come through our store and we cannot store them long-term.

🙅‍♂️ No Replacement Device Policy

There is inherent risk of compounding latent defects and irreversible damage with any attempt at repair. Risk becomes higher when the device has suffered through a trauma that has made repair necessary. Instances of further damage are rare at iChihuahua due to expert training and workmanship, however there is always a chance the device could end up in a non working order. iChihuahua will never replace your device as a solution to a failed repair attempt.

⏱ Appointments

We do not accept appointments except for special cases.

♻️ E-Waste

Waste not, want not! If a used part can be re-used, we'll find it a new home. Otherwise, we work with a certified e-cycler to properly recycle and dispose of all electronics, parts, and components that pass through our hands.

💸 Discounts

If your device needs multiple repairs at once, the most expensive is full price and the rest are discounted. We also offer discounts when multiple devices brought in for repair simultaneously. If you or your organization require a high volume of repairs, learn more on our services page.

😇 Free Services

Certain quick and easy tasks we do for free. For example, we clean charging ports for free. This is to encourage you not to try it yourself at home, where you risk damaging it. To learn more, visit our services page.